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Filing for Divorce in Florida

Traditionally, getting divorced required a lawyer. Times have changed now. On an estimation, in Florida, more than 70% of divorce proceedings, one of the two divorcing spouses is self-represented through a divorce petition preparer, such as Professional Assistance Paralegal Service.

Florida, unlike other states is a 'no-fault' divorce state. This means that an uncontested divorce does not require reason or legal blame. Merely stating to the state court via divorce court forms that as a couple you have "irreconcilable differences" or have suffered an "irreconcilable breakdown" of your relationship is enough reason for a "Dissolution of Marriage" through a petition. A form completed by Professional Assistance can take four to six weeks to finalize and dissolve, giving a new beginning for many people.

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  • In filling out forms for an uncontested divorce, the party initiating the divorce documents will be called the "Petitioner" and will be required to furnish the document preparer with documents to support I.D., date of marriage, place of marriage, address, spouse's address, and children's names

  • If you want to change back to your maiden name, address it now. However, switching your name after the Dissolution of Marriage is granted requires a separate procedure and an additional court filing fee.

  • If minor children are involved, Florida State requires the parties to participate in a parenting seminar. Complete it online at www.puttingkidsfirst.org. Upon ascertaining "The Certificate of Completion," Professional Assistance Paralegal Services will forward it to the appropriate court before the final hearing.

  • After preparing the petition for "Dissolution of Marriage," both parties are required to sign, witness, and have documents notarized. A notary public is available.

  • Professional Assistance will file the signed petition to the appropriate courthouse along with court filing fees. The Broward County Courthouse requires a filing fee of $409 in the form of a "money order," payable to the Clerk of Court. Other Broward County filing fees can be found at: https://www.browardclerk.org/GeneralInformation/FeesAndCosts#CourtFilingFees

  • If the "Respondent's" address is unknown, the court will be notified, and publication will be sought. If after 20 days later there is no response by the "Respondent," a "Default Divorce" will be processed.

  • When filing for divorce, a Process Server can serve the Respondent. A Proof of Service will be filed with the courthouse at an extra cost. It helps advise the courts of an unresponsive spouse.

  • After signed and notarized documents reach the courthouse, Professional Assistance Paralegal Service and "Petitioner" get the date of hearing.

  • The Petitioner must attend the hearing for the "Final Dissolution of Marriage."

Divorce Filing Forms

Deciding to end a marriage is never easy. If a divorce filing is best for you and your spouse, you'll need appropriate paperwork to get the process started.

Because there are many different kinds of divorce filing (uncontested, divorce with children, without children, etc.), there are a variety of divorce filing forms to be used depending on the circumstances.

Some of the most common forms include:

  • Petition or Complaint about Divorce

    The initial form is filled out and filed with the court to start the process. After it has been filed by the court, your spouse must be made aware that you seek to end the marriage.

  • Acknowledgment

    This is a simple form signed by your spouse acknowledging that they received the Petition or Complaint.

  • Divorce Settlement Agreement

    For uncontested divorce filing or a no-fault divorce, you can prepare a Settlement Agreement that outlines who gets which marital properties, including your house, any real estate properties, vehicles, and personal possessions.

  • Divorce Decree

    The final decree is signed by a judge to proceed with the dissolution of the marriage. Once this form has been filed with the court, your marriage ends.

More Complex Divorce Filing Forms Include:

  • Response or Answer to Divorce Complaint

  • Petition for Full or Partial Custody

  • Child Support Agreement or Order

  • Visitation Agreement or Order

  • Child Custody Agreement or Order

  • Spousal Support Agreement or Order

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